“ I urge, then, first of all, that requests, prayers, intercession and thanksgiving be made for everyone— for kings and all those in authority, that we may live peaceful and quiet lives in all godliness and holiness.” (1 Timothy 2:1-2)

Daddy's got your back Son.

Daddy's got your back Son.
Though the world may come against you like a flood

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Faith is the Foundation For Freedom! Not just a slogan, not an organization. We are many yet We are one. Businessmen, Farmers, Workers, Statesmen, Soldiers, Pastors, Husbands and Wives, Fathers and Mothers, Sons and Daughters, Brothers and Sisters, Families, all across these United States of America standing together as a Lighthouse to the World proclaiming Faith is the Foundation For Freedom!

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Our Mission is to honor the King of Kings by serving and supporting those He has called to build His Kingdom. Each of us is a Soldier in the Army of God. We serve one another in that field or vocation where we have been called and chosen according to our various gifts and talents. We endeavor together to proclaim the Gospel which is the only true Foundation For Freedom. The Faith in which these great United States of America was founded upon. Let us with diligence keep that which has been entrusted to each generation.

Sunday, January 6, 2008

This could get Political

The last few days have been very exciting and suspense filled to say the least. As we enter a very important time in Americas history, we are very much divided in thoughts and sentiment. As one not prone to politics it is eye opening to see just what is involved with politics. We as sinful human beings have impure motives at best. One of the biggest struggles that goes on in my own heart is to question, "Does this action glorify God?" Yet there is a battle to do what is pleasing to myself or others....then there is a decision to be made. As a Christian I am taught to walk by faith, I seek wisdom through prayer, studying God's Word and counseling with others much wiser than myself, then when all has been weighed in the balance, a decision must be made. To decide not to decide is a decision that I am altogether prone to, and therefore I am apt to abdicate that responsibility to others, thereby releasing myself from the "blame" if things go south. We can see this behavior played out in the garden of Eden when God confronted Adam.
If I am to conduct myself in a manner that will glorify God then there will come times when I will have to make decisions that are not the status quo and will be misunderstood by many, even those closest to us. This is what makes men, men of character.

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