“ I urge, then, first of all, that requests, prayers, intercession and thanksgiving be made for everyone— for kings and all those in authority, that we may live peaceful and quiet lives in all godliness and holiness.” (1 Timothy 2:1-2)

Daddy's got your back Son.

Daddy's got your back Son.
Though the world may come against you like a flood

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Faith is the Foundation For Freedom! Not just a slogan, not an organization. We are many yet We are one. Businessmen, Farmers, Workers, Statesmen, Soldiers, Pastors, Husbands and Wives, Fathers and Mothers, Sons and Daughters, Brothers and Sisters, Families, all across these United States of America standing together as a Lighthouse to the World proclaiming Faith is the Foundation For Freedom!

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Our Mission is to honor the King of Kings by serving and supporting those He has called to build His Kingdom. Each of us is a Soldier in the Army of God. We serve one another in that field or vocation where we have been called and chosen according to our various gifts and talents. We endeavor together to proclaim the Gospel which is the only true Foundation For Freedom. The Faith in which these great United States of America was founded upon. Let us with diligence keep that which has been entrusted to each generation.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Pakistani Taliban in the U.S.? Duh!!

"[We] don't know who it is and don't know where it is," one source said. "We know the guy's here, but don't know anything about him." Authorities say....

What a way to start an article, no less start and wage a war. This is what happens when the FBI Lexicon is changed to refrain from using words such as islamic terrorist and replaced with an amorphous blob such as "violent extremist." Those charged with protecting us do not even define the enemy correctly let alone combat the enemy. But We know who the enemy is....
The following article illustrates the ineffectiveness of our highest intelligence officials and their ineptitude at protecting America.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

The current administration has barred Reverend Franklin Graham from speaking at the Pentagon, the God and Country flyover was canceled. Yet AL Queda is brought into the Congressional halls on Capitol Hill. This is exactly what is meant by "Stealth Jihad." Those of you in the know will recognize Florida's very own Ahmed Bedier of Tampa (United Voices of America and former CAIR Tampa), Z.J. Hafeez running for Florida House District 67, and none other than CAIR Founder Nihad Awad. Great to know Florida is so well represented.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Fire Perry and LAbarga

Attention: The message below is important; send to everyone that you know old enough to vote. Take the opportunity to fire a couple of judges that do not respect the wishes of the people.

I am sure most of you have heard that the Florida Supreme Court has ruled that the people of the state of Florida should not have a chance to vote on health care freedom. They have taken Amendment 9, the Florida Health care Freedom Act, off of November's ballot. Thankfully, we have a way to send a message to the Justices on the Court. In November two of the Justices that voted AGAINST health care freedom will be on your ballot. They are not running against anyone, it is just a yes or no question but we want to make sure that these two people do NOT make their way back to the bench. This has never been done before, these guys are always retained with 60-ish % - not this time!

The two offenders are PERRY and LABARGA. We want to vote to NOT retain these two freedom-haters. There will be more information about this in the coming weeks and there is a grassroots effort underway right now to educate the people about these two and their vote against freedom and the people of the state of Florida . Remember those names: PERRY and LABARGA and DO NOT retain them.

Please start spreading the word to your friends and social networks.

This is an important one because healthcare freedom could go to the Court again and we want to make sure the Supreme Court doesn't take our voice away a second time.

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