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Daddy's got your back Son.

Daddy's got your back Son.
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Friday, March 12, 2010

Tallahassee converted to "Muslim Capitol"

Imagine, if you will...You enter the Capitol building and are greeted by many muslim faces who though they smile, will not speak to you. You receive no warm greeting but there are balloons and banners all denoting Muslim Capitol Day. That is strange, "Tallahassee a Muslim Capitol?" There is a "free lunch" provided as you are told by Ahmed Bedier "that we even feed non muslims." Afterwards you are heading to the Florida Historic Senate Chambers. Here you see that non muslims are being harassed for attending this event. As the environment heats up you see a muslim man assault a non muslim camera man. After the brief panel discussion you are told that they are going to "reorganize the room. Everyone is escorted out of the Historic Senate Chambers. After a brief intermission people are allowed back into the room...everyone EXCEPT non muslims! Non muslims are not allowed into the room.
Yes folks, this actually happened. This was not segregation of the 50's where people were discriminated against because of skin color. This was based solely on adherence to the totalitarian political ideology of islam. Welcome to sharia law. Now you have a taste of what life is like under islamic law in countries such as Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan. The list goes on to EVERY country that is controlled by islam.
However, the event you just read did not happen in Far and Away NeverNeverland. It happened here in the Good Ole United States of America! This event was warmed up by a letter of Welcome from the Lt. Governor of Florida, Jeff KottKamp welcoming muslims to "THEIR" Capitol! Since the Lt. Governor Jeff Kottkamp is running for Attorney General of Florida, maybe he thought their vote was more important than ours. I sure hope that it was worth it...for his political sake.
Politicians were scurrying about "taking care of business" while Creeping Sharia and Stealth Jihad was taking place right under their noses. The ironic thing is that the muslims even mentioned "their ignorance" while addressing each other. Maybe the source of their big smiles.
Speaking of politicians, when we spoke with some of our elected officials about Ahmed Bedier and his nefarious associations with known terror organizations, they back peddled not wanting to be associated with the likes of Ahmed Bedier. When presented with the facts some politicians wanted to know more information. (Probably since they had taken campaign contributions from these individuals.)
This was not the first time that this event has taken place but with your help this could be the last. The islamic world has a well known saying, "First comes Saturday. Then comes Sunday." This means first we kill the Jews and then we kill the Christians. We have a saying also,"Not in my backyard and not on my watch!

Faith is the Foundation For Freedom!

Jerod Powers

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