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Daddy's got your back Son.

Daddy's got your back Son.
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Thursday, March 13, 2008

Questions From Mau

Q. "If the US gets rid of income taxes, will we have an even harder time paying our trillion dollar debt off? Or is that only covered by the bonds we sell to invest it? Just curious."

A. No.

Q. Why?

A. Glad you asked!
With the penalty for working harder and producing more removed, Americans are free to keep every dollar they earn, and a new era of economic growth and job creation is unleashed. Hidden taxes are history, Americans are able to save more, and businesses invest more. Capital formation, the real source of job creation and innovation, is facilitated. Gross domestic product (GDP) increases by an estimated 10.5 percent in the first year alone. The FairTax as proposed raises the economy’s capital stock by 42 percent, its labor supply by 4 percent, its output by 12 percent, and its real wage rate by 8 percent.

As U.S. companies and individuals repatriate, on a tax-free basis, income generated overseas, huge amounts of new capital flood into the United States. With such a huge capital supply, real interest rates remain low. Additionally, other international investors will seek to invest here to avoid taxes on income in their own countries, thereby further spurring the growth of our own economy.

I would also recommend going to FairTax.Org for more in depth answers. Also, since you are a friend I will let you borrow my signed copies of Neal Boortz Fair Tax and Fair Tax: Answering the Critics.

I hope this sheds some Light!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Even Fair Tax Co-Founder Didn't Support Huck

I am sitting in this session on Integrating Modern & Traditional Media and the speaker is Matt Lewis of Townhall.com and I looked at the site and found this article. I was astounded at the info. I do not really know what to think about this maybe you do?

Tuesday, March 11, 2008
Even Fair Tax Co-Founder Didn't Support Huck
Posted by: Matt Lewis at 5:16 PM
I was just pouring through some FEC reports, and this is interesting ... Mike Huckabee famously had difficulty gaining support from other prominent Evangelicals (who probably should have been with him all along).

Apparently, this phenomenon wasn't limited to Evangelicals. Robert McNair, co-founder and Finance Chairman of the Fair Tax was actually a major donor to Romney, Thompson, and Giuliani -- but I can't find where he donated a dime to Huckabee.

Of course, this begs the question: If Huckabee couldn't count on the Fair Tax co-founder, who could he count on?

Internet Activism at it's Best

Last evening I had the priveledge of meeting Vincent Harris. Vincent was one of Mike Huckabees Bloggers. It was very interesting to listne as he expounded upon how to find and keep interesting content on your blog in order to promote the causes and or candidates that you are promoting. He did a great job on Mike's Page as well. Thank you Vincent for your effort in supporting Mike Huckabee for President. Vincent has several blogs one of which is www.tooconservative.com
We were also able to hear from the inside of Ron Paul's Campaign and how the grassroots promoted and executed The MoneyBomb which raised over 10 million dollars on two days. Justine Lam was also asked what the key to RP's Fundraising was and she basically stated that you have 3 key elements to success; The Message,The Grassrots bought in and they actually opened the $ #'s.
This Training at The Leadership Institute is truly worth it's weight in Gold!

Internet Activism at LI

I made it to D.C. today and had plenty of time to settle in.( Although it cost me 80 dollars for a speeding ticket in South Carolina!) The training was terrific and had a chance to meet Vincent Harris who was one of Mike Huckabee's Bloggers. It was also interesting to learn how Ron Pauls people raised the money on the internet. Justine Lam did a great job fielding questions about their internet strategy. I am looking forward to applying all that I am learning! I will be here until Friday when I will return home to my Beautiful!

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