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Daddy's got your back Son.

Daddy's got your back Son.
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Monday, November 23, 2009

Best Buy Bows Before Islam

Yes, You heard it right. Best Buy Bows Before Muslims everywhere. It is a cardinal sin to call our holiday Christmas in public but since we have a muslim sitting in the Commander in Chiefs position it has become politically correct to extol ALL things Islam. This is madness. Best Buy announces Happy Eid al-Adha the muslim holiday for SACRIFICE! On The front page of their website and promotional material.
Christians are ashamed to offend people and "make a stink" about whether the godless heathen call it Christmas or Happy holidays and so the secularization and the islamification of America goes unheeded. Let me be the first to say that no organization that submits to islam will get a bloody nickle from me. If you work for one of these companies than it is your responsibility to bring this outrage to the attention of your superiors. (unless of course you are a dhimmi that does not mind paying the Jizya and are complicit in the destruction of this Country.
This is in light of the Fort Hood Terrorsit attack and Khalid Sheik Mohammad being taken to N.Y.C in time for the lighting of "The Great Tree" not to mention the 4 mosques and N.Y. City Skyscraper that were seized for sending funds to Iran.
America WE had better wake up! This is no joke. Unless you want to awake to hear these muslims screaming 5 times a day for the destruction of everything we hold dear. We need to not only boycott but call Best Buy and tell them they have chosen the wrong side of this battle. Choose you this day whom you shall serve!

As a matter of fact. Why don't you take a momement and reach out and touch them right now!

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