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Daddy's got your back Son.

Daddy's got your back Son.
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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Giving Women...a real Choice

Today, I was privileged to attend a walk through tour of Riverside Emergency Pregnancy Center. It was a blessing and a real eye opener. Anyone who knows me would tell you that my motto is "Faith is the Foundation For Freedom." Not really a motto or creed but rather the lens through which I view life and without life one cannot be free, obviously. However, today I was once again reminded of the admonishment of the book of James who stated, "Faith without works is dead show me your faith without works, and I will Show you my faith BY my works." Since having become a Christian, I have been staunchly Pro Life from the view point that it is wrong to kill a baby but have never actually comprehended the real need to show compassion by practically serving these women and children. I have been pondering the abuse of the word, Compassion as of late and realize that true Compassion is action not emotion. Emotion without action is pity, and we don't need a pity party. I digress.
What I was a witness to today was God's love being manifest in a practical tangible way. The women who walk through those doors are greeted with a warmth and sincere desire to help that I believe could only be manifested by the heart of God. They are then escorted through these halls of mercy and counseled and educated about the Choices that are before them. Yes, I said Choices, not "Choice." There are some halls that these women may walk down where they will not be presented with a Choice, they will be informed that they really have no Choice but Abortion.
These women at this center will know that Adoption is available and that there are many families willing to love these children. They will be given real life answers if they Choose to raise the child themselves whether with the partner or with the support of a Community of Compassion. That is where my faith had been challenged and that is why I have locked arms with Run For Their Lives to support these centers and ministries that reach out and touch these women giving them a chance to Choose Life.
I look forward to serving these centers and ministries to the Glory of God through volunteering, raising support, and praying for God's love to reach the hearts of the women who walk through their doors.
As one who was adopted, I thank God for the heart of those willing to bring these little ones into their homes and raise them as their own. After all, isn't that what our Heavenly Father has done?
If you are reading this, I pray that God will show you how you may be a blessing to these women and children and that God's heart of Compassion would be manifested through you.

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